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  • Name: ISE-15 Multifunctional Bevelling Machine
  • NO.: ISE-15
  • Add Time: 2011-07-11
  • Package: 铝合金箱
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ISE-15 multifunctional pipe plate bevelling machine, as a manually operated electric tool, is suitable for processing bevels (K, V, X and Y bevels) before welding, and can bevel pipe inner bores and pipes, and deburr metal materials. Its multifunctionality and flexibility can greatly improve work efficiency, so that it becomes an attractive device, and the machine has compact structure, and can operate in places with complicated environment and difficult processing.
Technical Characteristics:
Compact and light design-easy operation
2450W powerful motor-greatly improve processing efficiency
Small cutting head-flexible operation, reach difficultly processed places
Wide processing range-reach requirements of inner and outer bevelling of pipes with the diameter of over 50mm
Arbitrarily adjusted bevel angle-15-45°
Wide processable material range-carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.

Technology parameters

The product model ISE-15
Working voltage 220-240V
Working frequency 50/60HZ
Voltage power 2450W
The knife dish speed 7500r/min
Groove Angle 30°(With standard)
Slope mouth wide 1-18mm
Host weight 8.5kg
Blade quantity 5 Piece of

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